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Download from the AUR
theShell is available on the AUR under the package name theshell
Build from Source
Building from source is easy.
  1. Install required dependencies.
    Dependencies include:
    • qmake
    • wmctrl
    • xbacklight
    • alsa-utils (optional, for volume controls)
    • pocketsphinx (optional, for theWave)
    • festival (optional, for theWave)
    • an EWMH compatible window manager
    • A few more. Check out the GitHub README file for more info.
  2. Download the sources.
    $ git clone
    $ cd theshell
  3. Build the package.
    $ qmake
    $ make
  4. Copy files to directories
    # cp theshell /usr/bin
    # cp init_theshell /usr/bin
    # cp theshell.desktop /usr/share/xsessions