The Bar

The central part of your PC

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The Bar encompasses a simple view of your PC at any given moment.
The status of your PC is shown at the top of the bar. Visible items include

Clicking on any of these options will open the Status Center with the appropriate pane showing so you can change settings or see more information.

Hovering over the Brightness control or the Volume control will reveal a slider that allows you to control the brightness or the volume, respectively.

Below the Status indicators are the currently opened windows. Clicking on any of the windows will bring it to the front so you can work with that window.
When a window comes in its way, the bar will move up and out of screen just enough to make room for the window. To bring the bar back, simply move your mouse to the top of the screen. If you're on a touch screen, touchegg can be configured to work with theShell.

Go on, try it out!

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