On a break!

Thanks for reading :)
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Hey everyone.

I'm taking a (pretty large) break from all of my projects (including theShell.) No, I'm not dead, rather, I have some important things to do in real life. I may come and work on some of my projects and add a little bit of code during my break, but nothing too major is going to happen.

Hopefully theShell 4.0 is stable enough for the next year or so, so that there aren't too many bugs while I'm gone.

If something really important, like a breaking change in Qt where theShell doesn't compile correctly, or a really critical security bug, I'll try to address it as fast as I possibly can. No guarantees about that, though. Do tell me if something like this happens so I can try to rectify it.

Alternatively, if you do find a bug and want to fix it, please do play around with the code and send me a pull request so that I can integrate the code into theShell (or any of my other projects.) Thanks :)

I expect to be back at the end of 2017, and then I should be able to begin maintaining all my apps and adding features to them again.

In the mean time, don't expect any major app updates or new features to come out.

Thanks everyone,

Victor :)

06 September 2016